Cat (willowisp) wrote,

After dropping Andy off at the airport, I decided to come home instead of going immediately to do clothes shopping. I got the second stage of lunch and the first stage of dinner set up, then took a walk with the digital camera. Andy's parents had asked what autumn is like here, so I got some pictures of some of the foliage. The pictures are available here.

Lunch was uneventful, and then I headed to the mall. Due to a mall-phobia I have, I haven't clothes-shopped in one for years. The turning point was that earlier this year Sears made a deal with Land's End to carry their stuff, and a Sears employee told me they'd start stocking it in October. Either it was very well-hidden or else the schedule got pushed back. I did head to another store and found a wonderfully soft (it felt like the best of velvet and suede) deep brown skirt, but I was unsure of the fit. I'll probably go back with Andy when he gets home. I didn't leave the mall empty-handed, though -- a friend's wife is having a baby, and thus there was a pilgrimage to Build-A-Bear. I'll mail the critter tomorrow.

When I got home I went for a full walk. Getting the HA1C result which I did had a very important effect: I'd been considering giving up the walks. From where I stood I wasn't losing weight and the finger-prick blood tests were rarely under 100. That 5.5 firmly established that the walking has helped, and I'll definitely be sticking with the near-daily walks.

I got home to discover that Andy had called from Minneapolis. Things were a bit dicey because Air Force 1 was parked there. Andy has now encountered Air Forces 1 and 2 at airports -- Tennessee/Gore and Minnesota/Bush. Come to think of it, both times have been on Northwest Airlines. I'm not sure if this is a sign that we should be avoiding that airline or switching to it on a more regular basis. Anyway, Andy also arrived safely in San Jose, was wined and dined by chatty, esmerel, and merlinofchaos. Hopefully he'll sleep well tonight and be well-rested for his first five interviews. Since this entry has taken a few hours to complete, I'm going to try to get some sleep -- maybe a kitty or two will keep me company.
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