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Song a Day Meme: In Retrospect

It's been an interesting 31 days since I began the meme. I managed not to repeat any songs, and only a few artists/bands, with most of those being one negative plus one positive. There is one group which I included in positives twice, and cheated by mentioning two of their songs in one of the posts. There were, however, some songs which I wish I could have included, so I decided to list them here.

  • "?" by Nena. No relation to Enya.
  • "99 Red Balloons" by Nena.
  • "Alegria", from the Cirque Du Soleil show of the same name. This is often my favorite song.
  • "As the World Falls Down", written and performed by David Bowie for Jim Henson's Labyrinth.
  • "Bard Dance", one of my favorite Enya songs.
  • "Carmen Miranda's Ghost is Haunting Space Station Three" by Leslie Fish.
  • "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls.
  • "Do You Know Where You're Going To?" by Diana Ross and the Supremes.
  • "Galileo" by the Indigo Girls.
  • "Goodbye, Emil, Goodbye", from the musical Romance/Romance. In my Usenet days, a line from this song was my .sig.
  • "Guardians" by Leslie Fish.
  • "Love Don't Need a Reason" by Michael Callen.
  • "No False Hope" by Romanovsky and Phillips.
  • "The One" by Elton John.
  • "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter, Pail, and Mary.
  • "Rodeo Parakeet" by Phranc.
  • "Romantic Notions", from the musical Romance/Romance. The ending sounds like it's a whole choir, not just the four cast members.
  • "Uncle Ernie's Used Computers' Babbage's Birthday Bargain Bash" by Steve Savitzky. Say that title three times fast ;).
  • "We Go On" from Disney's Millennium Celebration.
  • "Wild Child" by Enya. It was the theme song for our second kitty, Gail.

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