Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Forensics Tournament #4 2010-2011

Holy cow was that high school huge. Spread it out a bit and add dorms and it might have been Oswego, if not slightly larger.

Yesterday was the fourth tournament of this school year. Observation: this seems to be a debate-heavy zone. Second observation: A lot of the judges, including me, don't like judging debate. I ended up judging two novice debates, then a varsity LD (all with the same topic. I'm so glad it changes from month-to-month). Then, despite myself, I finally volunteered to judge another debate round because they had no one else eligible to. It wasn't one I remember from high school, called public forum (puff), which is sort of like tag-team LD lite.

In the first round I voted affirmative for both flights, the second negative, and the third one and one. In the fourth I voted one and one as well.
Tags: forensics
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