Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Day of Silence

I decided to participate in the day of silence to protest treatment of LGBTQ folks. I wore my National Coming OUt Day shirt from last fall. It went fairly well, except when I got some packages in the mail. I really wanted to say "hello" and "thank you" to the desk attendant. I decided to end the speaking silence at 5:15, which is when my classes end on Tuesday and Thursday, though I will not be playing facebook games until tomorrow. As I half-joked on Logrus, I got more farmville gift requests in the twelve hours after I announced the silence than I usually do in a given week, and that maybe I should have vow of silence days for controversial causes more frequently. </cynic>.

Oh, and before anyone passes judgment due to my playing farmville, it was callicrates who got me into it.
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