Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Idle Question

I've been feeling mildly nostalgic recently and I'm considering once again playing. Before people run screaming, I would not be resurrecting former characters. I'm looking for suggestions from people who still play, both for good games/areas and also any game whose admins would rather I not join the game or their area(s).

Things I'm looking for:

  • A "no questions asked" atmosphere. I will, if asked, admit to being a long-time player. If people want alts, I will decline to answer. I want to start over and be judged on my current merits, if any. I don't want to sink or swim based on things I did from 1992-2004.

  • Areas active in late-night/early-morning US time. I'm nocturnal, and I don't see myself playing in the evenings unless callicrates does as well. I have a feeling this would be exceedingly unlikely. A game or area with a lot of Australians might be ideal.

Those are pretty much my starting criteria. I have no idea if I'll actually go through with the idea of playing, nor do I have anything more than a vague idea of what I'll end up doing if I play. I would rather not know who plays whom, and I definitely want to know if there are places where I'm outright unwelcome, haven or no.
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