Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Odds and Ends

For those who enjoy Anuna's music, they have a new album out, only available at Borders. It's from a live concert, though I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't read the blurb on the display. The big surprise for me was "Annie's Song", which I'd always called "You Fill Up My Senses". In Anuna-style harmony... bliss. Some of the songs I'd heard on prior albums, some are folk songs I'd heard by others (Scarborough Fair and Greensleeves), some were completely new. I was somewhat sad that Scarborough Fair was not done as a challenge-response between the men and the women; of all the groups Anuna would be the one to pull it off. Despite that nitpick, I'd recommend the album.

When at Ten Thousand Waves, I was reading a book about Japanese-style spas. Most of the spas were in Japan, but there were a few in the US shown, including, of course, Ten Thousand Waves. Anyway, looking through the index at the contributing spas one in particular jumped out at me: one Watercourse Way in California. When callicrates interned in the Bay Area for the two summers, we almost got there a whole bunch of times.

On the kitty front, I firmly believe that Heidi is working on ventriloquism, particularly voice-throwing. Sean appears to be perfecting his telekinesis; glasses of water fall over even when he's in different rooms. Both kitties are street legal now; it appears that tags now accompany cat licenses in Albuquerque. Although the two are none-too-pleased with yet another tag on their collars, I'm glad of it. I always thought it should be called a tax since no physical license, paper or tag-wise, was given.
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