Cat (willowisp) wrote,

How Cool is That?

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. After I got home from KC I called her, feeling a bit guilty since I know she tends to go to bed early and she's two time zones to the east. Anyway, I got the answering machine. On a hunch I called mom to see if Pamela was there, even though I seriously doubted it. Mom said Dave had told Pamela she had to meet him in a small Upstate town at 21:00. Quick side note: Dave has a proven track record of planning and pulling off some very cool and very elaborate gift schemes.

This time was no exception. Pamela called me at around 20;30 our time. Dave, a Paramedic, has been on calls to the city, and possibly even volunteered or worked there. At one point he'd gotten a call to the recreational center, which includes an ice rink. He had gotten talking to some people there, and mentioned Pamela's long-standing wish to drive a Zamboni. Long story short: they said "Sure, bring her over". She actually got to clean the whole rink, going over spots she missed, and at one point dumping a load of new snow because the attendant was in a silly mood.

When Pamela had started me guessing, my first had been "ride a kangaroo". We used to play a game wherein she would hide in the back seat and I would tell my parents she was in Australia riding a kangaroo. She still loves them to this day, so any Aussie friends who need to get rid of a wallaby or kangaroo can just send it to me. After she mentioned Snoopy, I guessed that she got to sit on a dog house. Just before my third guess (You got to be a WW II flying ace and chug root beer?) she took pity and told me about the zamboni.
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