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Apartment Sweet Apartment

Home is where the husband and the kitties are, and I'm home. I asked the desk agent at Midway what time the flight came in, and it was a good thing I did -- apparently the 22:45 time is when it gets to its final stop; it was due in at Albuquerque at 21:45. The kitties have been foozled and spoiled. I also got Sluggy art in the mail, and Andy and I got cute Hawaiian bears from turnberryknkn. And now it's time to go flop into bed and sleep off the jet lag -- I was literally in three time zones today -- took off in eastern, landed in central, and then took off again, this time to land in mountain.

Oh, and for the record -- Carolina brunch is still incredible, and they still remembered us. As did the USAir folks at the airport whom I visited and to whom I gave flowers before heading to the Southern airlines gate. Also, I really miss Harris Teeter flowers. I really didn't have enough for the second leg on Wednesday, and had to give everyone closed flowers, which made me feel awful. But from Harris Teeter I got more than enough. I'll probably try somewhere other than Smith's for the flowers on the 23rd.
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