Cat (willowisp) wrote,

For lo, I am a wimp

I only went 1.5 miles today, and it took over 34 minutes. I just couldn't seem to get going fast. Even when I felt like I was speeding up, the speed meter stubbornly remained at 2.5. I got up into the 3s a couple of times, but not nearly as often as I managed to yesterday. I also got down as low as 2.3 once or twice. After about twenty minutes of that I decided to cut my losses and just go for half of my usual three miles. On the good side, my knee barely hurt at all when I got off of the thing today. Maybe my body is getting used to the exerciser, or maybe starting off from no exercise to three very fast (relatively) miles a day wasn't my wisest decision ever. I still plan to try to go three miles a day, and make up the 1.5 at some point.

Tonight was really nice. After KC I went home to get callicrates and echoweaver and her husband. We went out to Paisano's, the Italian place owned by two generations of Celiacs, which means I can get rice noodles which don't have eggs, either. The conversation ranged from a discussion of the code behind airline pricing, HHGttG, the characters/campaign we'll be playing, and a some other random stuff, mostly to do with hardcore coding the two PhDs at the table had done.
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