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The plane rides were long, but uneventful. On all three no one was sitting in the middle seat, which was very nice. I had been cautious and gotten three bouquets of flowers; I think for three-hop trips I can probably safely get away with two. Of course, it also varies from store to store how many giveable flowers I get.

I always forget how slow dialup connections are; nonetheless I did manage to file and caption the newest batch of Kitty City Denizens. There are a few pictures missing, notably of Mau Mau and Muffin, though I probably won't be able to sort it out until I get home.

Tomorrow there's nothing planned any more detailed than arriving in Syracuse at about 17:00, when Pamela gets out of work. They're planning on leaving for Maryland (or wherever the wedding actually is) at 03:00 on Saturday. I may just stay up rather than trying to sleep at all, but I won't make up my mind until tomorrow evening.

According to Mom Noia (for those just joining us, Mom's vicious cat who unfortunately looks like a bigger version of Gail) had been really sick recently; too listless even to hiss. She started getting better a few days ago, though. She beat me up within ten minutes of my arrival. So much for hoping I could get through the whole week unscathed.
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